Grass Hawk
Dual-Bladed Mower Scraper

    Easier Way to Keep Your Mower Deck Clean!

    Flat and Curved Blades Clean All Areas of the
      Mower Deck

    Pivot Quik-Knob™ to Quickly and Easily
      Rotate Blade

    Helps Maintain a Clean Deck for Longer Life and
      a Better Cut

    Also Attaches to a Pole to Easily Clean
      Lawn Tractors




Clean mower handle with soap and water.  Place the Good Vibrations™ Comfort Grip over mower handle.  If the Grip needs to be shortened, simply trim with a household scissors.  If 2 piece grip is desired, simply cut grip in half and place resulting grips in desired position. Step 1 image
Align the Comfort Grip so that the fully engaged engine-stop-lever falls into the gap and touches the mower handle. Step 1 image

Release the engine-stop-lever.  Remove both paper strips from Comfort Grip while holding firmly in position.  Press firmly on the Grip to assure good adhesion of both adhesive strips.

Step 1 image

WARNING: Comfort Grip MUST NOT be positioned in any way that prevents the engine-stop-lever from moving freely.



Outdoor Power Upgrades
The easy addition of our innovative enhancements will make your
mower, or tractor, the very best.
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