Seat Magic
Tractor Seat Repair

    Easily Repairs Rips, Holes, & Gouges

    Apply and Let Dry!

    Durable & Flexible - Creates soft, smooth       surface that resists weather

    Replaces Duct Tape - No more wet, soggy seats

    Good as New! - Avoid expensive seat       replacement

    Great For Other Foam Products! - Arm rests,       cushions, foam seats, etc.

    Available in black and yellow





 * Store product at room temperature


Seat Magic Reviews*

"Great Product! This product is Awesome works as it states. it even filled in about a half inch deep gash. Very good product".

"Works like Magic. This stuff works great and is easy to work with. I just wish it came in a bigger tube".

"Goes on easy and dries quickly."

"Shop Foreman/Lead Mechanic - Great product. Like the description says it is magic.".

"Five Stars! Great stuff, did what I needed it to do".

"Great Product! I fixed several tears in the seats and had no issues".

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