Hitchin Post Plus+
3-Way Hitchplate & Towing Ball

    Turns Your Lawn Tractor or ATV Into
      a Workhorse!

    Great For Pulling Trailers, Boats, and More.

    1 7/8" Ball Included!! – Great For Pulling       Trailers, Boats, and More

    Rugged Pin-Hitch Hole™ – Ready to Go At All       Times

    Dual Tow Loops™ – Great For Chains, Rope,       and Winches







Hitchin' Post Plus+ Reviews*

"Works Great! Works great for yard work. Heavy duty. Easy to put on with a socket."

"Easy to install and great for quickly attaching my wagon, yard sweeper, and small trailer. Love it."

"I'm really happy that I finally found a hitch for my mower to pull my trailer around. It was easy to mount and then attach the trailer."

"I was having to remove and install the trailer ball, so that I could pull my yard wagon. With this device, you can leave the trailer ball installed and still be able to pull your yard wagon…Good heavy construction. I would buy again."

"Very helpful when using different attachments."

Outdoor Power Upgrades
The easy addition of our innovative enhancements will make your
mower, or tractor, the very best.
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