Hitchin Post
3-Way Hitchplate

    Turns Your Lawn Tractor or ATV Into
      a Workhorse!

    Elevated Ball Hitch Mount – Great For
      Pulling Trailers, Boats, and More.

    Extra-Strength Pin Hitch Mount – Ready to
      Go At All Times

    Dual Tow Hooks – Great For Chains, Ropes,
      and Winches.

    Pin Storage Channel for Ease and Convenience

    Anti-Rotation Plate™ Keeps the Hitch Secure

    Made of Heavy Duty Cast Steel with Powder
      Coated Finish 

      Do not exceed off-road vehicle's rated
      towing capacity

        When using a ball hitch, we recommend a 3/4" shank                       diameter, and 1-3/4" shank length (or under)

Watch Video

1. Place anti-rotation plate(B) in channel under hitchplate(A).


2. Position hitchplate assembly over hitch hole in tractor or ATV.

3. Insert bolt, flat washer and lock washer through hitch hole in tractor or ATV into threaded area on hitchplate.

Step 1 image

4. Slide anti-rotation plate tight against hitch area(C) on tractor or ATV.   See below for fit options.

5. Tighten bolt with 3/4” wrench.

Step 1 image

6. To fit ball hitches with longer shanks, the plug may be removed if needed. (not available on all models.

Step 1 image


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